One to ONE Pilates Tuition

Private Pilates lessons are designed to give the client their own personal training programme. Firstly an assessment of the client will take place to find out the clients injuries, needs and goals. A postural assessment will be made and then a programme will be designed around the individuals short and long term goals. The frequency of the lessons will depend on the individual client ranging from weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Progress assessments will take place monthly and the programme adapted. Homework exercises may be set.

Pilates on a gym ballPrivate lessons are ideal for anyone who prefers a more personal approach. It can also be beneficial to those who are injured who may or may not have been referred by a practioner who need rehabilitation exercises or sports men and women who want to enhance their performance by achieving strong core stability, improved flexibility and overall tone and fitness.

Private lessons or small groups can be arranged at a time that suits you and are taught in the comfort of your own home.
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11:00 Pilates
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12:30 Pilates


9:30 Pilates
19:00 Pilates
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